Best Herbs to Grow in Hydroponics System

Best Herbs to Grow in Hydroponics System

Herbs , how can be classified a plant as a herb? Herbs are those plants which do not have woody stems, having fleshy green stems which have a number of leaves that have some value in the field of medicine, culinary, or in the cosmetics industry. Herbs are green leafy and contain iron, calcium and antioxidants which are very important for human health. Different herbs have different aroma and flavor which imparts in the dishes when added. These herbs complete their life cycle in one growing season above the ground. lets discuss best herbs to grow in hydroponics:

Growing of Herbs in Different Systems:

Herbs are grown from an ancient time in Indian culture. In India the culture of growing tulsi {Basil} is very common and it has a cultural importance to Indians. But also other than these for consumption and commercial purposes these herbs are also grown in kitchen gardens, open fields, small plots, and also in large polyhouses. But now as technology advances, hydroponics became the first choice to grow the herbs. We are discussing later why Best herbs are grown in hydroponics.

Why Hydroponics is the Best choice for Herbs:

Protection to Plants:

 As we see herbs don’t have a woody stem which makes them weak and they can be damaged in open fields by high velocity winds, hailstorms, stray animals, very heavy rainfall, and also when the temperature fluctuation occurs very frequently. In contrast to that , hydroponics is a better option to take care of plants as it is a safer and indoor system. Some weeds in open fields also cause competition for resources and nutrition which is also solved in hydroponics, where weed interference is not occur.

  Irrigation Facilities:

In hydroponics irrigation problems are solved as the nutrition solution that flows through their roots are enough and no need to irrigate. In open fields several irrigations in a week are needed. The issue of water stagnation is also resolved due to the hydroponic system. No need for additional irrigation the water requirement is completed through the nutrient solution.

Year Round Production:

Herbs are only grown in fields when their season occurs. Without seasons they cannot be grown in open fields. But in hydroponics you can grow all the herbs in any season with its full potential. Hydroponics provides year round production of all the herbs. The temperature required for plants for their survival is provide with other aspects like proper humidity, proper moisture level, proper nutrient supply etc.

Some of Best Herbs to grow in Hydroponics :

Earlier we discussed what herbs and why these are preferred to grow in hydroponics. Now here is the point: which are the best herbs to grow in a hydroponics system and why these are highly suitable in hydroponics then open fields or traditional  cultivation. Mostly the herbs having shallow roots, compact growth habit, smaller in size are suitable, because their management is easy. So here are some best herbs to grow in hydroponics:


 (Ocimum basilicum) Basil is an aromatic herb and it has high cultural importance in India. It belongs to the family Lamiaceae in which most of the herbs belong. Beside these it has a high number of medicinal properties.

            This herb is suitable for hydroponics as it has shallow roots and also its growth is very fast. As a fast growth habit it provides year round harvest in the hydroponic system which makes it highly suitable. These things puts this crop to be the best herbs to grow in hydroponics

best herbs to grow in hydroponics| basil in hydroponics
Basil in Hydroponics
Image Source: Rise Hydroponics


(Mentha spp.): Mint is a group of aromatic plants in the family Lamiaceae, including peppermint (Mentha piperita) and spearmint (Mentha spicata), among others. Mint has a quick growth and with continuous supply of nutrition it becomes more vigorous. For space efficiency growing mint in hydroponics is a good choice. It is also available around most of the houses in India as it is used very commonly in chutneys and juices.


(Coriandrum sativum): Cilantro refers to the leaves of the coriander plant, while coriander typically refers to the seeds and belongs to the Apiaceae family.  It is very important in reference to spices in India. It is the most grown with vegetables as intercrop. But when it is to grow specifically, the hydroponic system is the best due to several reasons. The most suitable reasons are saving of resources, water conservation, regular harvests throughout the year, and vigorous growth. It is also considered in best herbs to grow in hydroponics.


Thyme, scientifically known as Thymus vulgaris, is a perennial herb belonging to the Lamiaceae family. Originating from the Mediterranean region and parts of Asia, it thrives in sunny, well-drained soil. Recognized by its small aromatic leaves and woody stems, thyme varies in height, typically ranging from a few inches to around a foot. As its seeds are the commercial part, inflorescence is the most important process. Which is highly dependent on the climatic conditions. In hydroponics it meets all those requirements and grows with its full potential.


The botanical name for parsley is Petroselinum crispum and it belongs to the Apiaceae family. Both the leaves and stems of parsley are used in cooking to add flavor and garnish dishes. It is almost like cilantro but its flavor is lighter than cilantro. It is commonly used in cooking and as a raw topping on the dishes to make them look great and more attractive. For its full potential growth it is grown in hydroponics where the optimum environment is provided.

best herbs to grow in hydroponics
parsley grown in hydroponics
Image source: aeroponicsvshydroponics


Lemongrass (Cymbopogon citratus) can be grown successfully in hydroponic systems but not in all systems. Its roots are generally bigger in size than other herbs. Its commercial use is very high due to the presence of compounds which are highly aromatic and have medicinal properties. The quantity of important compounds are found to be increased in the lemon hydroponic system then the traditional cultivations. In terms of commercial return this crop is good but on the basis of management this might be a little bit harder. its potential makes it best herbs to grow in hydroponics.


The scientific name for rosemary is Rosmarinus officinalis. Rosemary is suitable for hydroponics because it has relatively small roots and doesn’t need a lot of space to grow. In hydroponics the way of using water and resources makes it suitable for growing. Plus, since rosemary likes well-drained soil, hydroponics provides the perfect balance of moisture without the risk of waterlogging. With the right care in a hydroponic setup, it can be grown round the year.


The botanical name of fennel is Foeniculum vulgare. Fennel is great for hydroponics because it has shallow roots. As it is shallow rooted it is easily maintained in hydroponics and management is easier. Fennel also doesn’t require too much water or nutrients, so it’s easy to take care of in a hydroponic setup. Plus, it grows quickly, so a steady supply of fresh fennel all year round without the interference of weather or soil conditions.


Garlic, scientifically known as Allium sativum is a very important spice crop and ingredient in the Indian diet. India is the largest producer of garlic which indicates the importance of garlic in india. Its cultivation in hydroponics makes its production to the next level and through hydroponics. When garlic is grown in soil it faces several problems like water stagnation, weeds, insect pests, but when it is cultivated under hydroponics these things are automatically eliminated. so garlic is the one of the best herbs to grow in hydroponics.

best herbs to grow in hydroponics| garlic
garlic in hydroponics
Image source: Maven Gardening


Stevia is also known as a natural sweetener which has sweet leaves, botanically known as Stevia rebaudiana. With hydroponics, farmers can control exactly how much food and water the plants get, and even the type of light they need to make the leaves sweet. Due to its high demand in industries it lies in the list of best herbs to grow in hydroponics. When you grow stevia this way, it grows faster and gives you more leaves than when it’s grown in soil. That means leaves are available round the year. Stevia plants have small roots and don’t need much space, so they fit well in hydroponic systems.

Why these Herbs Suitable for Hydroponics:

All the herbs mentioned above are very important for commercial purposes. Some of these herbs like rosemary, lemongrass are highly demanded in cosmetic industries. To fulfill the demand there should be proper production of the produce. So hydroponic techniques are very helpful in achieving the production which is needed. One point is also that the traditional methods of growing herbs are very risky as herbs are delicate plants and need protection from heavy rainfall, hail, and very high exposure from sun. The hydroponic system provides all these facilities so it is the best for herbs. 


As we see the best herbs grown in hydroponics and also why they are grown in hydroponics and why this method is most preferred for growing herbs. In this we conclude that where there is a lack of open fields and lands, the hydroponic system is an extraordinary choice if handled carefully. There are some skills that must be learned before going for hydroponics. Its management is not as easy as other traditional methods. It runs on a scientific system and in a scientific way, whose knowledge must be gained before going to hydroponics. When this venture is set well then the returns are also very high.